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University of Connecticut Kuali Financial Data Mart

Welcome to KFDM

The Kuali Financial Data Mart

KFDM Update – December 22, 2014

Kuali Identity Management (KIM) Reports are now available.

KIM is the KFS module that controls how users interact with the system. It also maintains the rules for how eDocs are routed.

2 new reports are available:
Standard Financial Reports > Standard Reports > KIM Security

  • Account Delegations
    Lists the Primary and Secondary Delegates and dollar thresholds for accounts by Fiscal Officer. The report can be run by Organization, Account, Fiscal Officer or Delegate.
  • Employee Memberships
    Displays the Roles, Groups and Security Models of which KFS users are members. The report can be run by Organization, Individual or Role.

In support of the new reports there are also 2 new data stars:

    This star displays information about the people who have access to KFS – including what Groups, Roles and Security Models they belong to as well they’re status at the University (Student, Faculty, Staff or Affiliate). KIM_ACCESS brings together data from KFS, Genesys and LDAP.
    This star pulls together information about Role Membership as well as the Permissions and Responsibilities associated with each role. Permissions control what a user is allowed to do in KFS and Responsibilities are the rules used by Workflow to route eDocs.

For a glossary of KIM terms please see the KIM Glossary at

If you have any questions please send an email to

-The KFDM Team

Phone: 860-486-4357
Fax: 860-486-0536